Thousands of companies faced damages from data breaches this year

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First of its kind

Prisma/DB is the first solution on the market that not only protects data-at-rest and data-in-motion, but also data-in-use, allowing for full query-ability over encrypted data!

Prisma/DB is a result of over 6 years of meticulous research on data security in Nanyang Technoloigcal University. Plug in Prisma/DB in your system wih zero downtime, and be among the pioneers to offer your customers the ultimate data security guarantees!

Take a look at our presentation, read our technical overview, or download a visual demo to try it out.

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Improve Your Quality

Improve robustness and agility of your services with geographic redundancy using public clouds around the world: now it's safe!

Optimize Your Costs

Optimize your spending on infrastructure leveraging public clouds — at no risk!


Reduce Your Risk

Protect your company from the risks of disclosing your customers' data, and reach better data security compliance.

Rely on Our Support

We provide full support, prompt issue investigation and resolution, and are open to discuss customisation requests!

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Just run the application on a Windows computer and see how it all works. Your company could seamlessly integrate Prisma/DB today!


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